Frequently Asked Questions


Sales and Pricing

  • When will uMMORPG be on sale again? The Unity Asset Store team decides when and for how long an asset goes on sale. A publishers can only fill out a sales application and hope for the best. In other words, uMMORPG is usually on a sale at least once a year, but we can’t directly influence when.
  • Is there a special price for students? There is no discount option in the Asset Store publisher panel, so there is nothing that we can do, sorry. You would have to wait for a sale.
  • Does uMMORPG require one license per seat? Unity makes that decisions for every asset. As of now, only Editor Extension Assets are one license per seat, not Complete Projects like uMMORPG. If you are running a successful business with lots developers, we would still greatly appreciate if you purchase more than one licenses to support uMMORPG development.


  • Since uMMORPG uses UNET, do I have to pay for the Unity Multiplayer services? The multiplayer services are for relaying and matchmaking, those features aren’t needed for MMORPGs, so you don’t need the Unity Multiplayer services at all.
  • How many players can uMMORPG handle? It depends on your server hardware, your game world, the amount of entities, the density of entities, the amount of features that you add to uMMORPG and so on. For example, if 1000 players all stand directly next to each other then that will require 1000 x 1000 = 1 million broadcasts per event – not even world of warcraft can handle that much. If however 1000 players are spread across a huge world then it’s way easier for the server. We also released a Zones addon so that you can split the game world between several
    server processes to support large amounts of players when necessary.

    • Note: Unity is also getting faster all the time. We are currently looking forward to the new Job system and hopefully multithreaded Navigation and more.
  • What are UNET, the LLAPI, the HLAPI and the HLAPI Pro? UNET is Unity’s new networking system. It has two parts: a high level and a low level API.
    • The low level API (LLAPI) is a lightweight UDP networking library that takes care of connections and packet sending. The LLAPI works really well and is an excellent choice for game development.
    • The high level API (HLAPI) sits on top of the LLAPI and provides useful tools like the NetworkManager, NetworkBehaviours, SyncVars, Commands and RPCs.
    • HLAPI Pro is our HLAPI drop-in replacement. It’s fully compatible with the HLAPI and offers more stability, a lot of bug fixes and code improvements over the original HLAPI. We highly recommend using it for your uMMORPG project.
  • Does uMMORPG support multiple zones/server instances? We are mainly waiting for UNET Phase 3 to support that, watch the Unite 2015 video to learn all about it. In the meantime I developed my own Zones addon. It’s still experimental and can be found in our discord channel.
  • How can I use more than UNET’s 32 allowed SyncVars per Script? Check out my HLAPI Pro library on the Unity forum!


  • Does uMMORPG run on iOS / Android? Absolutely! It’s probably a good idea to host the server on a dedicated machine on the internet and only let the client run on mobile. Also note that the Canvas has a CanvasScaler component that could be useful if the UI is too big or too small on your mobile device.


  • Why SQLITE? There are two reasons why uMMORPG uses SQLite. First of all, it works out of the box, there is no need for any sql server setup and configurations. Secondly, it’s very easy to convert the database to MYSQL in case we need it later.


  • Does uMMORPG work with UMA? Yes, but not out of the box. Several community members posted their UMA integrations before, so it’s definitely possible.
  • Does uMMORPG work with PlayMaker? PlayMaker is for very simple games, you probably won’t get around learning UNET and C# if you want to add more features to uMMORPG.
  • Does uMMORPG work with [Asset Name]? uMMORPG sits on top of UNET, so any asset that you want to use will have to work with UNET as well, unless it’s a client sided effect like sounds or a new UI.


  • Is there a Roadmap to see what’s planned for the future? There is no roadmap, I love MMORPG development and simply work on whatever feature interests me the most.
  • Is Unity suitable for an MMORPG? Absolutely. We have to keep in mind that just the rendering part would be a full time job for a single developer. The only way to make an Indie MMORPG in a reasonable amount of time is to use a game engine. Unity has the biggest game engine market share, and that is for a reason.
  • Can I make an MMORPG with uMMORPG without writing any code? Yes, uMMORPG focuses on the core features. You can make an interesting game by adding great art for your specific idea. There are a lot more features to come in the future and you can use all of them without writing any code. If you want a custom feature, then you will need to write code or hire someone that does it for you.