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Naïca Online – 2D Adventure MMORPG
Waves of Time – Fantasy Online MMORPG Remake
Astaria – Fantasy MMORPG
Kingsland Online
Cubica – The multiplayer version of the mobile game hit Blockstory
Canyonbreed – Space MMORPG
Trulion Online
Dynasty Worlds
Project PRAZ
City of Freeroam – 2D Adventure MMO
Anarki Online – Sci-Fi MMO
Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands

Tycoon$ []

Tycoon$ is a massive multiplayer online economy simulation game currently in development, already ranked 296/46115 on IndieDB.

Awaken Online

  • Awaken Online
    Awaken Online

Schools of Magic

Hexa Heroes Online

Sanctuary []

Eversky Online

Pixel Paragons

1000 Trials Online

Solum Fable []

Cubum Tale

Square Earth []

Geno. Online

The Fallen Venerated []

Sea Titans

Last Empire